Maximise your Block by Enlisting the Help of our Team


Looking to maximise your block of land with new and fresh spaces? First-floor additions are a revelation when you want to increase your floor plan without losing any of your outdoor entertaining areas or landscaping. It’s also a great bonus if you’re wanting to maximise your views! However, not everyone wants a life with stairs and your foundations may not be built for the extra load. In these cases, an extension lets you move out without going anywhere. You can create new vistas on the ground floor with opportunities to harness light like never before, or create a zone at the other end of the house where the noisy people can go! Before you commit to one or the other, we recommend reaching out to our team. Let’s have a conversation of what you envision and we can provide insight and expertise on whether it’s better to build UP or OUT. To learn more, book a consultation with us by filling out our online form ~